Gregory W. Miller, P.G. – Owner & President

Mr. Miller is a licensed geologist and project manager with over thirty-five years of professional experience in the Gulf Coast and northeastern United States areas. He has extensive experience in all aspects of groundwater sciences, project planning, field methods, data evaluation, report preparation, modeling, predictive analysis, regulatory standards, and management. Greg is regularly involved with evaluations of hydrology and geochemical interaction of vadose zone, surface water, and groundwater regimes. He has commonly developed and implemented innovative field characterization methods. Greg is routinely called upon for expert witness testimony in a variety of litigation cases involving historical oilfield operations.

Jason Sills – Vice President

Mr. Sills joined ICON in 2009 and has been working implementing environmental engineering and remediation projects in Texas, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, Mississippi and Louisiana since 2000. His projects span a wide variety of disciplines, including groundwater/soil remediation, surveying, geotechnical, environmental engineering and construction project management. He has conducted and directed work entailing subsurface investigations, groundwater monitoring, groundwater/soil remediation system installation, corrective action plan development and implementation, site investigations, Risk Evaluation Corrective Action Planning (RECAP), hazardous and non-hazardous waste removal, and transportation/disposal. Jason is routinely called upon for expert witness testimony for litigation cases involving historical oilfield operations.

J. Wayne Prejean, Jr., P.E. – Senior Environmental Engineer

Mr. Prejean is a professional engineer and project manager with over 20 years of experience. He is experienced in site investigation, project planning/management, risk assessment, corrective action, statistical data evaluation, environmental permitting, contaminant fate and transport analysis, and groundwater modeling. Wayne routinely conducts risk evaluation in accordance with the Louisiana Risk Evaluation and Corrective Action Planning (RECAP) program; prepares facility plans in accordance with OPA 90 and SPCC regulations, performs project costing for environmental remediation of legacy oilfield sites, and represents clients as a liaison to regulatory agencies. He manages Resource Conservation and Recovery ACT (RCRA) groundwater compliance for Type I, Type II, and Type III solid and hazardous waste processing and disposal facilities. Wayne has also provided expert opinion, depositional and hearing testimony, and technical knowledge in support of litigation testimony by other experts.

John Domingue – Staff Geologist

Mr. Domingue has over 25 years of experience in the environmental field. Prior to joining ICON, John gained experience in other environmental consulting areas and at the state regulatory level. Since joining ICON in 2003, John routinely performs surface geophysical activities and investigation sampling at waste management sites. John also provides oversight for litigation projects.

Derek Pourciau, PG– Senior Staff Geoscientist

Mr. Pourciau began working at ICON in June of 2005. He has served as a radiation safety officer (RSO) for eleven years and as a NORM surveyor at MSHA regulated facilities for over fourteen years. He is a licensed driller in both Louisiana and Arkansas. Derek also manages ICON’s health and safety protocols and administers all safety testing. Other duties include performing routine and interim system maintenance activities on remediation systems.

Drew Campbell, PG – Senior Staff Geoscientist

Mr. Campbell joined ICON in October 2010 and is experienced in multimedia environmental sampling for numerous industrial, solid waste disposal, and UST facilities. He is a project manager for litigation case sites where he collects soil and groundwater samples, runs geophysical logging tools, groundwater classification, soil profiling, research of historical data, report writing, and other duties.

Chris Miller – Environmental Specialist & Field Technician

Mr. Miller has been a field technician performing soil and groundwater sampling since 2006. He operates a Geoprobe 7720DT and a Power Probe Direct Push rig for the collection of soil samples and for the installation of groundwater monitoring wells and recovery wells. He has been operating drilling rigs since 2008 and has experience in the maintenance and repair of drilling equipment and remediation systems. Chris is a licensed driller in Louisiana and Mississippi. He routinely takes part in GEM surveys for site characterization purposes. Chris is also a FAA Small UAS (Part 107) Drone Pilot and regularly documents field activities via drone cameras

Andrew Chustz – Environmental Scientist

Mr. Chustz started working at ICON as a staff scientist in May 2013. His responsibilities include preparing and submitting Coast Use Permit and Levee Board Permit Applications for coastal site assessment activities, AutoCAD data modeling, soil and groundwater sampling, aquifer testing, GEM surveying and contamination assessment. Andrew has performed sampling at oilfield legacy sites, solid waste disposal facilities, and underground storage tank (UST) facilities.

Geoffrey Miller – Staff Geologist

Mr. Miller has worked part time at ICON since 2007, becoming a full-time staff geologist in 2015 after earning his bachelor’s degree in geology from UL Lafayette. He routinely manages job sites and personnel and has experience collecting and classifying soil core samples, installing groundwater monitoring wells, groundwater sampling, aquifer testing, data analysis, site characterization, and contaminant assessment. He has worked on projects concerning underground storage tank (UST) removal and remediation system installation and maintenance. Geoff is also a FAA Small UAS (Part 107) Drone Pilot and regularly documents field activities via drone cameras.

Thomas Mizelle – Staff Geologist

Mr. Mizelle joined ICON in January of 2023 as a staff geologist. His responsibilities include; providing oversight for litigation cases, managing job sites and personnel, processing and classifying soil borings, installation of groundwater monitoring wells and collection of groundwater samples as well as a variety of contaminant assessments. He also assists in background research of historical data, mapping of project areas, assembling, organizing, and analyzing data for reports, among other duties. Mr. Mizelle holds two degrees from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette; a BS in Geology (2021) and a BS in Business Administration (2012).

Megan Loop – Staff Geologist

Ms. Loop started working at ICON in May 2023 after earning a master’s of geology from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Her responsibilities include processing and classifying soil core samples, installing groundwater monitoring wells, collecting groundwater samples, data analysis, and contaminant assessment and monitoring. She also aids in managing job sites and personnel, and data modeling.

Ashley Bergeron – Staff Geologist

Ms. Bergeron joined Icon as a Staff Geologist in January 2024 following the completion of her Bachelor of Science degree in Geology from Louisiana State University. Her experience includes a strong background in sediment sample collection and processing, along with geochemical mineral analysis. Ms. Bergeron’s responsibilities encompass processing and classifying sediment cores, installation of groundwater monitoring wells, groundwater sample collection, and subsequent data analysis.