Hydrogeological Studies

Site Characterization:

  • Permitting and compliance monitoring (Solid, Hazardous Waste, NPDES)
  • Borehole geophysical surveys
  • Groundwater modeling
  • Monitor well installation and sampling
  • Aquifer testing; water supply development and permitting
  • Statistical evaluations
  • Underground Storage Tanks (Louisiana Response Action Contractor)

Contamination Assessments

  • RECAP Evaluation
  • Remedial system design, installation, and operation
  • Trust fund application preparation
  • Tank closures
  • Subsurface Contamination Assessment and Remediation

    Discrete Groundwater Evaluation:

    • High-resolution subsurface characterization utilizing borehole geophysics
    • Soil borings, monitoring well installation and sampling using patented direct push technology
    • Surface geophysical surveys, low-cost rapid screening techniques, soil gas surveys
    • Groundwater contamination initial abatement and remediation
    • Contaminant fate and transport modeling
    • Remedial system design, installation, and operation
    • Borehole geophysics and monitor well integrity surveys

    Open Hole and Through-Casing Surveys:

    • Gamma, 16-inch and 64-inch normal resistivity, lateral resistivity, single point resistance, SP, induction conductivity and converted resistivity, caliper

    Litigation Services

    Expert Witness Testimony:

    • Site characterization and contamination assessment
    • Surface and downhole geophysical surveys
    • Document review, cost analysis, data evaluation
    • Remediation design and cost estimates
    • Lithological correlation for permitting and proper monitoring well network design
    • Through-casing surveys for lithology and well integrity evaluation.
    • Downhole camera surveys, with video recording capabilities
    • Groundwater Modelling (Mod Flow, Winflow, etc.)
    • 3-D Contaminant and Geological Rendering (EVS)

    RECAP Evaluations:

    • Subsurface assessments designed for RECAP management
    • Exposure mitigation
    • Litigation support
    • Expert witness testimony
    • Site characterization and contamination assessment
    • Document review, cost analysis, data evaluation
    • Surface geophysical surveys

    Monitor Well Sampling:

    • Low-flow micro purging
    • Statistical evaluation
    • Report preparation
    • Groundwater monitoring program management
    • Facility planning and document production

    Environmental Site Assessments:

    • ASTM Phase I / Phase II assessments
    • Environmental risk and liability management
    • Oilfield divestiture
    • Groundwater monitoring and reporting

    Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasures (SPCC):

    • Oil Pollution Act of 1990 (OPA ’90) plans
    • NORM worker protection and facility plans
    • Hazardous waste contingency plans and procedures
    • Risk Characterization, Exposure, and Toxicity Assessment